Solved Questions

Where are You Located?

Phulbari Montessori is loacted at birednranagar 10, Airport Chowk, Surkhet, NEPAL.

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Is there Transportation Service and What are the charges?

Yes, Phulbari Montessori have transportation Service. The charges are set according to the location. To know the cost transportation Cost Message us here

Click here to know the transportation Cost.

Is there any Discount on Admission

Yeah, In some great occasions Phulbari Montessori provides 50% off on Admission. Phulbari Montessori don’t provide any discount on the monthly Fee.

Is there any rules and regualtions for Parents?

Yes, Phulbari Montessori is one of the Best Montessori in Nepal and there are rules and regulations which parents must follow. All the rules and regulations for parents are based on there child presence and activity in Montessori.

Where Will i get the books for my kid?

Don’t Worry about the Books. Phulbari Montessori will Provide the Books for your children. You don’t have to go to any stationery to buy Books. 

What is School Opening Time?

The school opening Time is from 9 to 4. But if you are busy person and cannot pick your child at 4 than Phulbari montessori can keep your child for additional 1 Hour. 

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